/ˈhjuːmən/ /kraʊd/

humancrowd is a dynamic company for all your human resource needs. We offer a total solution where people, both consultant and customer, matter.

We are convinced that people are the most important assets within a company. In this regard, it is important to have the right person in the right place and, more importantly, that the person in question also feels good. With our services we guide both client and consultant in this matter.

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humancrowd FAQ

At humancrowd we are always open for a (realistic) conversation. In addition, we look at you as a person and your competencies rather than purely relying on your resume.

Our Junior Academy has been created for job starters with a strong interest in Human Resources and Recruitment.

100% – We do our utmost to inform everyone as quickly as possible.

You decide for yourself! Of course we have a standard offer, but you can complete this with your training budget. We even offer the possibility to follow non-HR training courses.

Black, with milk or with milk and sugar – the choice is yours …
But always with a nice snack …

Can happen! We are always open to listen to your needs and are happy to see how we can support you.
Of course we strongly support the statement “Let the cobbler stick to his last”. However, a short telephone conversation can clear out a lot.
Feel free to call us ….

You can simply apply spontaneously through the following link

A lot depends on whether you work internally (HQ) or as a consultant (project). In both cases, quality is an important factor. We strive to ensure that an application process always runs smoothly, but we want to take enough time for both the client and the future employee and sketch the complete picture.

No stress 😉
We also serve delicious tea and water.