Choosing for a career with humancrowd is choosing for a career within an organisation where you as a person matter. We might have to work 38 hours per week up until we are 67 years old. We better make sure we have a good time while doing so, don’t you think?


In addition to a competitive salary, including a company car, we offer “made-to-measure” insurances, a home working allowance, meal vouchers and a mobile subscription. It doesn’t matter if we’re at the office, the restaurant or having a teambuilding or info session, at humancrowd we’ll make sure the beer is cold and the coffee is splendid.


Since we also love to play sports, go out to eat or like to spend some time with our family, we strive for flexible working hours and at least 1 day of homework during projects. Besides, 20 or 26 days of vacation doesn’t fit our agenda. At humancrowd everybody enjoys his/her 32 days leave.


To support your growth path and to train your “brains”, you can count on a personal training budget.

There are growth opportunities for sure. Personalized to your ambitions and situation. We mix this with a dash of realism. Our motto: “We can only you keep you in our crowd, if you feel good”